Gizmodo: Microsoft Fanboys Do Stupid Things Too… Too bad they have to make stuff up to try to make their point.

After a week of stories of Apple fanatics supposedly altering their fingers to better type on an iPhone to them picking one over their girlfriends, Gizmodo felt a strange need to attack Windows users. Here’s how they did it.

Gizmodo took this photo:

And wrote this to go with it:

“We have dubbed this monstrosity the MS Casa (genius, we know). Chances are this is just a mockup, but we are sure if the cash were available this would be polluting some unfortunate neighbourhood in reality. Thankfully, to have such wealth you must also be well endowed with brains, as exemplified by Kelly Osborne…wait. Regardless, MS fanboys are just as stupid, proven by the fact they exist.”

Huh? #1 they clearly admit this could be a Photoshop fraud, it was later proven to be just that. #2 they launch into a unprovoked attack at Microsoft “fanboys” by saying that they are stupid just for the fact they exist? Do they feel the same way about Apple “fanboys”? If they do don’t expect them to risk their site’s Apple street creed by ever saying so in public.

Attacking users of Microsoft products pretty much passes off as insightful commentary on too many of these blogs..

Despite the fodder Giz tossed out in order to get a good Microsoft bash going, some posters just didn’t take the bait and had to pint out the sheer stupidity of this posting:

“Good grief, am I the ONLY person who clicked through? Never mind “fanboys are dumb” – BOYS are dumb. It is a mockup…”

“not to be in support of microsoft – but if you read the link where this images says the caption is basically “IF microsoft built a house, this is how we think it would look”“

This poster puts the whole corporate devotional thing in perspective:

“Christ. I’ve been checking this site for only 3 years, and I remember when the comments contained substance, style, and humor – things far removed from the battlefront bullshit that occupies it now.

But hey – I’m just a simple minded waiter (with 2 degrees, Mathematics and English) trying to live off bologna and a 12 year old Jeep Cherokee whilst paying off student loans.

All I want is an affordable product that fucking works. And as much as I would like to finger a Mac, I cannot afford one. Guess old Steve forgot about young Jobs. Shit, I make 3 bucks an hour, way before taxes, hoping to coincide with the kindness and opinions (both of which are thin) that occur in motherfuckers like you.

And don’t try to finger me. I’m not endorsing Microsoft at all – hell, I use OpenOffice for writing – but I ain’t embarrassed about the fact that I got my latest PC for $500 at Wally World, decent peripherals included (19 inch wide screen, Altec-Lansing speakers w/ sub woofer, optical mouse, etc.). Now, to some of you, that might sound like a Pinto in camouflage clothes. For me, it’s a half-priced Honda Civic. Sure, I had to get rid of some bloatware, had to install some apps that actually made sense – but damned if I didn’t save almost, what, $300 – $900 on a Mac, based on the idea of new or used?

But with all that said, I would LOVE to own a Mac and actually try it out, based on opinions/reports I’ve gotten from reliable people.

I suppose I should be glad that we’re all different – some of you can afford shitty opinions, some of you prefer them, some of you are forced into them. But I gotta say, most of you come across like a bunch of furniture, objects produced with only one real goal – singing someone else’s lyrics as pretty as you can.

The post was about a house with a corporate logo. And the fact that some of y’all are bashing each other about it reminds me of middle school, when small-minded people like you took sides on things as inconsequential as shoes in the hallway, all based on the endorsement of a certain sports team.

I beg of you, have mercy. Kill yourselves and go to whatever TradeMarked hell or heaven that you prefer, so that the rest of us can have a decent conversation while you show off for all eternity.”

That’s not to say that this thread wasn’t populated with the usual bad jokes about BSOD, bugs, or things not being totally finished. God only knows they’ve been used so many times that only Apple fanatics use them in similar company and think they are still clever.

The whole posting was a sorry affair that illustrated Apple fanatics, and Gizmodo’s unending disdain for one companies products and users which seeps into their “reporting” and furthers poisons people’s minds.


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