Linux advocate calls for “respect” for Microsoft, Slashdot’s Linux community call for jihad and condemnation instead.

Linux advocate calls for “respect” for Microsoft, Slashdot kids call for jihad and condemnation instead.

Slashdot, known as the epicenter of Microsoft bashing, got the bash Microsoft machine rolling today with this posting :

“Jim Zemlin (executive director for the Linux Foundation) gave a talk at LinuxWorld saying that the open source community should stop poking fun at Microsoft. From the VNU article: ‘Open source vendors have to recognize that Windows is here to stay and that together with Microsoft it will form a duopoly in the market for operating systems. This also requires that the Linux community respects Microsoft rather than ridicule it”

Woops! There are two things you never do in the extremist Linux community:

1. Speak ill of Linux or open source in ANY way.

2. Speak well of Microsoft.

Violating either makes you target #1 of the fanatical Linux base. Needless to say this was no exception.

“So he’s essentially saying I should respect Microsoft for thinking up all the dirty tricks it used to get it’s monopoly in the first place. … I am not convinced.”

“Why should I have any respect for an organisation that’s been convicted of anti-competitive practices on 2 continents? Microsoft is a bunch of crooks selling a third-rate products. Respect has to earned, not expected.”

This one was really disturbing:

“What is this, Hug a Grizzly Bear Week? Be Nice to the Sharks Month? This man Zemlin is obviously either a shill or a sad deluded man who needs to be shipped off to the re-education camps as soon as possible!”


“I’m supposed to respect them because they’re bigger than everyone else and thus can put more money into marketing and abuse their monopoly to crush competitors with underhanded tactics? How about they stop making shitty software and play nice with everyone else? Maybe I’d respect them then, but I’ll certainly not respect them for what they do now.”

“Linux geeks should just treat Microsoft the way the Chinese government treats the US Government… a necessary enemy. Only there as a stepping stone to sovereignty or self sufficiency. Let them tout themselves, let them think they’re winning, and then, when the chips are down, yank the last card from their house of cards… and watch them fall.”

“…Microsoft didn’t get where they are primarily by the strength of their technology offerings but by other less ethical means. Bait and switch, kickbacks, embrace and extinguish, buyout and extinguish and numerous similar gimmickry do more to describe the company than any feature set, or heaven forbid “innovation” that they are responsible for….”

“Some of the end-users prefer Windows. That’s fine. It’s personal choice. But it’s still a “shitty” operating system based upon “shitty” decisions.”

I could go on, folks, but you pretty get how this guys blew their tops.  These are people that demand tolerance for their computing choices while attacking and ridiculing anyone that dares use what they hate. This is sadly the face of the Linux community as few vocal users express anything other than total disdain for Microsoft and the people that use their products.

One Slashdot poster actually got it:

“…The message behind this suggestion seems to be more a message to “act more professional people, you’re making us look like bozos”…”

Somehow I doubt that people with this level of vitriol are capable of behaving like professionals.

A closing reply to a statement:

”   Yes, Windows has contributed much for everyday users of computers – it has made many things possible that may not have been possible otherwise, and it will continue to be the best path towards many kinds of progress for the everyday use of computers going forward for the immediately foreseeable future.”


Somehow I don’t see Linux making it very far with this type of community. You would think as big Linux supporters as they are, Slashdot would want to put a better face of the Linux community out in the public eye.

So why is this type of extremism put out instead?


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