Gizmodo calls an existing device a copy of an Apple device that does not exist

It just keep getting weirder at the Giz.

Today they took a look the Venzero Slickr.A PMP without buttons on the front with the screen taking up nearly the full front.

Well, how dare they steal this design from iRive… Apple? That’s right, folks, Gizmodo thinks that this is a design that is taken from Apple. No, not from the iPhone, but from a device that does not even exist. Just look at how Giz set this up:

Article title:

“PMP Imposter


Venzero Slickr PMP Wants to Be iPhone Nano”

First of all the device is a real product ready for purchase, so how is it a PMP “imposter”?

Imposter of what? A device that exist only as some rendering and vague rumor on Apple fan sites?

The silliness goes on:

” If it looks a bit like an iPhone nano but doesn’t work like one,”

Again, the “iPhone Nano” is a product that has never been seen. No one knows for sure if it really exist. Yet a real device is supposed to be seen to work like a one that no one has ever seen? Huh?

Giz did get around to actually talking about the product. But dont fool yourself, these guys got a little spooked that this device got out before the currently nonexisting “iPhone Nano”. Therefore sites like Giz, and Apple fanatics, will have to make complete tools of themselves, by trying to pimp the line that it is somehow a copy of an Apple product.


Giz readers are even puzzled:

“c’mon with the iphone comparisons already! this isn’t even a phone! if you’re going to compare it with something, how ’bout the iRiver Clix that pre-dated the iphone by a year? that would make more sense.”

“Wait, wait, wait … they’ve released the iPhone nano? How does the iPhone nano work?

Can you be an impostor of something that doesn’t exist? I guess a horse with a carrot taped to its head could be called a unicorn impostor?

Why don’t we give them credit for coming to the market with a device that may have the iPhone’s features in a smaller package.”

“I agree BIGSWIRV how can it be like the nano.
Well I guess it’s the I phone all over again,
Biting the LG Prada.

Someone should do some research and find out if Gizmodo is owned by apple.”

But despite the obvious bias of Gizmodo, trying to smother a product with Apple references, even some Apple users join in with even more weird postings comparing it to devices that again do not exist”

” Looks like the iPod touch to me…”

” If the Iphone nano was $130 and the service wasn’t through AT&T I would buy it, but this ^thing is pretty useless.”

How can a blog like Gizmodo be taken seriously with these types of reality bending postings?


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