Engadget Pimps Apple site maintenance as an actual news story.

“Ok, here we go again, the Apple Store is down in the US and Canada, only. While 90% of the time we’re looking at product updates, there’s always the chance that Apple’s performing routine maintenance or making such minor tweaks that there’s no discernible impact to the fanboy radar. We’ll see in an hour or two when the site comes back online. So why not sound-off in the comments with your best guesses ’til then.”

Does anyone really think that a company as large as Apple really needs to take down their entire site for “ routine maintenance or making such minor tweaks”? One must question the tech savvy of a company that cannot do what sites like CNN and USA Today do on a constant basis 24/7. The whole point of doing this is to get the Apple friendly sites like Engadget, and the Apple faithful whipped into frenzy with chatter.

Routine site maintenance or overboard display to give the fans a Monday morning kick? You decided.

Update: Well, after what was at least a year long ratio of 1 to 1 store outages to new product announcements, Apple has now taken their store down twice only to return with minor changes, if any. Apple hopeful will now have to turn their sites to
August 7th for that rumored iMac / iLife release.”

You got to love how the lack of news is followed up with “news” in the form of rumors. Engadget just loves to be led around on the leash.

That is if Apple is yanking the leash only.

So what, if anything, was the point of this posting from Engadget then? If something big did happen, post it as news. If nothing happened, then you didn’t post some silly story of a site being down. Does this site do the same thing for Sony, Microsoft, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Creative, HP, Lexmark, LG, Phillips or any other tech company?

I’ll save you some time. They don’t.

I’m sure the people in charge at Apple are just grinning that even with minor stuff like this, they can still pull the puppet strings at these tech news sites.


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