Why Post News When Rumors Are Free?

This is the summery, from the site Valleywag, that was pasted as a story on Gizmodo:

“Microsoft’s Vista SP1 fixes not out until 2009?

FROM VALLEYWAG.COM: The tip, incredible. The source, ironclad. Microsoft has apparently told executives at one of the world’s largest PC makers not to expect a formal release of Windows Vista SP1 — the first major set of upgrades and bug fixes to its Vista operating system –“

In the world of tech blogs, posting a story from an “ironclad” source, and having it turn out to be total bunk does not lose you any credibility, as the name of the game for many of them is just to get you to look at their pages and click on their ads. They all engage in it.

The sad thing is that due to not having any standards, many of the top blog sites have become clearing houses for this type of trash “stories” that do little more that start flame wars in their comment sections.

This story is no exception, as the author is clearly, although totally unaware if it is even remotely true, thrilled with this rumor. (btw it is labeled in Valleywag’s “rumormonger” section. If his source is so ironclad, why not just post it as actual news?)

You can almost feel his excitement:

“And if PC makers have to wait two years for SP1, and more than that for the next version of Windows? Apple‘s marketers will have a field day. And the notion of a mass-market Linux PC, once ludicrous, will look more and more plausible.”

I can see why Gizmodo picked up on this. If you can knock Microsoft, print it! Althrough Giz has shielded itself from liability by just posting a summary and link. No comments from Gizmodo readers on their site. Easy to wash you hands of it when it goes the way of most rumors.


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