Photo of Wonky iPhone Draws Understanding from Gizmodo and boilerplate Cries of “Photoshopping” From Apple Fanatics

Fresh of of it’s months long cheerleading session for the Apple phone. Gizmodo actually posted the following:

“What is happening is more or less normal for a 1.0 product. I wish that Apple spent some more time and money to heavily test their jesusPhone, but the market pressure was too big.”

Market pressure was too big? Gizmodo, as well as it’s sister site Engadget, as well as hundreds of similar sites, spent months and dozens of stories that sometimes fell into the total fluff category, pushing this device as the the greatest miracle of the 21st century. Many of the postings in the comments sections of these sites ripped competing phones as being inferior, and attacked anyone that dared to call for a tempering of the high flying expectations. Now that this first generation device is showing that it is just that, Gizmodo wants us to be understanding, and not to be surprised that these problems are coming to the forefront?

It gets even more silly as they start to wax sadly at how “Steve” (Apple’s CEO. Apparently they are on a first name basis) wont let them make this wonderful device just oh so much more special:

“When you put such a groundbreaking device in people’s hands—a communicating and computing platform that offers such an awesome user experience and allows for so many great things—the best thing is to allow everyone to fly with it”

Can you imagine this site giving this same type of fluff treatment to any other companies 1st generation product that has had this much hype and holes popping up this fast? Keep dreaming, because Gizmodo wont. Apparently Jobs told these guys that he supposedly reads their site so forget anything critical like you would have seen if this device was made by Microsoft.

They continue:

“Some users will be happy to enjoy the box as it is. But at the end, what really matters is what other people may dream to do with the iPhone, not only what Apple —with their limited resources— think. I know it sounds preachy and naive, but to allow people make real those dreams is what will make this platform not only amazing, but insanely great”

Barf bags available upon request…

The Apple fanatics, always quick to try to discredit any news that is remotely negative about Apple, tossed out the usual responses when a photo of a wonky Apple device comes to the forefront:

“Totally fake. You can see the black box extended to the stainless Steel part of the iPhone. Some people just wanted to spread bad news. Shame on you!”

More like shame on him for even taking the photo, right?

“Yes, how come everything is nearly in focus EXCEPT the lettering? Pretty fishy if you ask me. Also, notice the word wrap on the word “files” and “or” later on. Would the words really wrap like that? Hmm..”

“Has anybody even zoomed in on this photo? It looks like a fake to begin with. Pretty sloppy cut and paste if you ask me. Notice the poor clean up job that sort of looks like glare… pretty weak Gizmodo”

Of course if this was a image of a crashed Windows device do you honestly expect that anyone of these guys would spend their time making up Photoshop conspiracy theories?


Buckle in folks. This is only a taste of the bizarre things you’re going to see from these people.


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